Quartz Products

Mainly, we have strong on supply such as Cover Ring, Shield Ring and so on for etching process. Also, all roundly quartz such as piping tube and solid bars are available.

Silicon Parts

Focus Ring, Cell is available for chambers, those are valued by quality and cost performance. Material is also handled on our side.

Products for Chamber

Spiral tube, Gasket, Lift Pin, Bellows, Resin and so on is available for regular maintenance and stable supply.

ESC Regeneration

We handle variety type of ESC regeneration for Etcher process and are willing to give proposals on cost and quality performance.


Compact Process Gas Monitor

Micropole system is one of the smallest complete mass spectrometer system. We provide sales of product.

Capacitance Manometer

It is a small capacitance diaphragm gauge. It achieves high accuracy and stability with a unique electrode structure. All-metal structure is resistant against corrosion.