It have been innovated and changed with the times. As our life become affluent more, the negative effect comes out more, such as social problem, obstacles. We should take on the responsibility for the solutions.

A-SAT Corp is not limited to propose the business to extend services for our customers with our creature and net-work, we take actions for the social issues and support the civic activity.


□ Education through Flower Life

□ Food Education & Social Communication

Onigiri Project

□ Education on soft business for local

Taisya Design Project

Izumo, Shimane【Support civic activity】


□ Recycle
□ Action to avoid the waste on extra-production from excess facilities
□ Improve the skill contributed to extend machinery life time
□ Voluntary emission-reduction on industrial waste
□ Promote proper industrial waste & material recycle


□ Project on employment & social participation for aging society