We always consider products quality, lineup very important and work with our widely world network.
Semiconductor manufacturing process always requires to keep high quality, make efficiency.
The keys to the targets are the suitable equipment and consumable parts to your spec, request.
Therefore, we would like to support your work improved more on our timely supply what you need now.


We always make every effort to keep the used products quality high for your satisfaction. Our fellow companies are long years experience in the used industry. From these sources, only the reliable products have been chosen and skillfully refurbished at our expert repair company.


□ Used Equipment

□ Used Accessories

》 Dry Pump

》 Cryo Pump


We supply very wider kinds of parts contributed to the cost performance, spec improved. Our products have been widely applied at many users in domestic, over world.

□ Quartz

□ Si

□ SiC

□ Others