About Us

About Us


We will contribute to the improvement on your technique, productivity, enterprise as supplier who supports leading-edge such as Semiconductor, as proposer on profitable services, solutions


A-SAT starts in Japan and grows up through business with over the world. We always consider enhancing our nation original skill, making advantage of the skill for the world and our future important. To accomplish this, our original idea and skilled, structure which have been built creatively under the sparse resources on our narrow nation-land needs to be developed and be nurtured widely. Like this opportunity, we would like to give any support. Through support, we will create our blight future with our customers, this is our commitment.

『Sincerity』 By Yu Imafuku 【Japanese traditional drummer】


Earnestly face for everything
Develop our talent & skill
Achieve the potential on human & objects
Keep ambitious sprit
Understanding the importance of human relation